Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The World's Easiest No Sew Toddler Blankie, Seriously!

The World's Easiest No Sew Toddler Blankie (seriously!)

Here's my Doodle cuddling with his new blankie during his afternoon Sesame Street fix.

We were in Joanne's today to pick up some burlap (yep, I'm hopping on that bandwagon) for a project, and we passed the fleece aisle. The Doodlebug is obsessed with ducks, so much in fact, that he said "duck" and "quack" before "mama," it breaks your heart doesn't it? Anywho, we passed a fleece bolt with ducks on it, and he starts freaking out, shouting "duck, duck, duck! quack, quack, quack"! I figured at $4.99 a yard, it was worth it to buy some to see what I could do with it.

Then a miracle happened. Well, maybe not so much as a miracle, as my laziness serving a purpose. As she was cutting me half a yard (I am cheap, cheap, cheap, folks) I realized that's all that needed to be done to it. I handed it to my Doodle and lo and behold, for $2.50 he had a duck blankie! Yep, it is that easy to please a toddler. And apparently a tired mom that doesn't sew. Now I know, it's crooked. Had I realized this was all I was gonna do with it, I would have had her cut straighter, but honestly does it matter when it is being dragged along the floor in a cute toddler fist? Nope!

To make things even better, I got it home and realized that I could cut the "blankie" in two, and have a back-up. Brilliant! Yay! Now we have one for the house, and one for outings where it will inevitably be left behind or destroyed beyond all recognition. That means each "blankie" is only $1.25.

As you can see in the second photo, it is still a pretty decent size. Quite frankly, even if each one only lasted a week each, it would be worth the $2.50. This is only one half, the other half is being cuddled upstairs for naptime.

And I know the corner of our dining room vomitted up a ton of toys, but I am looking for a storage bench or toy box on the cheap. Once I do, I will corral that mess. Don't judge (too much). Oh, and while you aren't judging, most of those toys (85%) are from very generous grandparents, family, and friends. He is a much loved kid!

I am linking this up to Kimba's DIY Day, and it is probably the single laziest craft on that site today. And you know what, I am not gonna feel the least bit guilty about being proud of it. I have a happy kid, I paid $2.50, and I didn't even have to break a sweat :)

Go show Kimba some love, and get inspired by some of the amazing things these women (and some men), can do!




  1. You can't beat having a cheap blankie and a back-up blankie with no work now can you? Nicely done Mommy :).

  2. Hey! he's happy, you're happy! Sounds like a plan to me!

  3. Love the fabric - SO cute!

    P.S. - How much did the burlap cost? vintagedutchgirl@gmail.com

  4. Great idea! This is my kind of craft :-)