Monday, September 14, 2009

Newborn Baby Smell

So I have a tiny obsession with newborn baby smell. I lohhhve it. When I had my son I smelled him so often I swear I wore it out early. Really, I thought it was supposed to last longer than it did. In a flash it was gone. Since then I have accosted every poor mom with a newborn and requested to " get just a quick whiff of that newborn smell." Maybe it's because they were taken off guard, but these women actually let me do it! I can only imagine how creepy and "let me steal your baby" it probably sounds when I ask. But mmmm, I do love that smell. It's clean, and warm, and new, and fresh of promise and innocence.

The reason I bring it up is because I never thought I would find anything to rival that smell. I think the newborn baby smell still wins by a hair, but last night I had my first encounter with another smell I think only a mom could really be touched by... new toddler smell.

I take for granted so many of the changes my son has gone through, and it hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday when we were cuddling. My little man smells like a full fledged toddler. Not the just plain dirty and sweaty smell that little kids eventually grow into, (and who knows, maybe I'll love that smell too!) but the beginning of being a toddler smell.

It's a combination of toddler drool, toddler sweat, a smidge of dirt, some residual dog smell from rolling on the floor with his best friend, cow's milk, spilt apple juice, and leftover food he's storing away under his third chin. I know, I know, it sounds vile and disgusting. Believe me, I can't fathom how it actually smells good. Let me tell you though, I went into mommy nirvana for a few minutes last night while he sat on my lap and I snuggled up to his neck soaking in that new toddler smell. Mmmmm.

Happy Monday to all!

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