Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stair Climber

Exercise machine you may be thinking? Perhaps she found a great way to put in minimal effort on a machine and lose a tremendous amount of weight. I have not, sorry to disappoint. But I will continue looking!

Nope, my son. He has figured out how to open the safety gate to our stairs and has become a man-child on a mission. That little stinker is able to open the gate and get up 3 steps to the landing before I can even turn my head. I thought I had at least another 6 months before this started. Sigh. It is exhausting. Not the chasing after him part, that's a little wearing, but it's the emotional guarding that is tiring me out. I am actually having nightmares about him sneaking past me and falling down the stairs.

Also, he has become the Poop in the Car Bandit. Not sure if you've heard, but apparently, the car is the BEST place to poop. Evidenced by the fact that my son has done it 3 times this week. I think we're about to head right into the grocery aisle, but he has a present waiting for me. The kind that needs immediate attention. Thoughtful, kind, sweet, cute Poop in the Car Bandit.

I shouldn't complain too much though, he has started giving me kisses! Yep, full fledged "mmmmwa" kisses. And sometimes he gives them without me even having to ask!!!! I know they grow out of kisses super fast so I am going to enjoy this as long as I can :)

I found some fun stuff at the Dollar Store yesterday, so I am planning on posting my finds this weekend. I heart the Dollar Store. I would marry the Dollar Store if I could, but I am already hitched. I was particularly impressed with what the Dollar Store showed me yesterday.

Hope everyone is having a loverly weekend!

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