Friday, October 9, 2009

Elmo is my Homeboy

We went to Sesame Street Live today and it was AWESOME! You would think I was talking about a Tom Petty concert, and not Sesame Street, but seeing the Doodle's excitement made it AWESOME! You can't see the excitement here, but that's because he is inhaling some string cheese (forbidden, bottom of my bag "smuggled" cheese). They actually had a cute line in there for the parents. Elmo says to one of the other characters "What you talkin' bout Telly?" I thought it was hilarious. And no, I was not drinking. Just that dorky.

Sorry the photos are blurry but at some point some of the kiddo's juice (the smuggled, forbidden juice) spilled on the camera lens (?) and I didn't realize until I got home. We had a really good time, and I highly recommend it.

I made him that shirt right before the show, long story, and I wasn't super crazy about it, but I wanted him to have an Elmo shirt darn it.

Here was my fun process of making iron-on shirts. I mean, really, these are so freaking easy, I have made them dozens of times, but I felt like a second grader trying to make these. It was humbling. And there were curse words. A lot. Have I mentioned that I have a college degree. Embarrassing that this was so difficult for me.

This is what happens when you don't carefully read the directions before buying the t-shirt transfers. The transfers were made for cotton/polyester blend, not 100% cotton like this onesie. I don't know the science behind it or any of that nonsense, I just know it looked like crappola.

So I got these dark t-shirt transfers instead and they worked great, but I was impatient and just cut out a whole circle instead of carefully cutting around the words. I tried peeling the design off after the show, but only half came off, so it becomes a painting shirt now.

These are the rest done properly.

Only one thing crossed off my list, but at least it' s crossed off. Just 5 more to go! I am hoping I'll be more productive this weekend. How are your projects coming?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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